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Meet Morgan

Morgan Ingmanson, Professional Pet Sitter, Owner of Shire Pet Sitting

Born and raised in Cheshire, I have always been involved in our small town, from getting involved in the 4H club to entering in the Cheshire Grange Fair nearly every year. Now I have created something of my own: Shire Pet Sitting.

I have been around animals since I was born. My parents bred Ragdoll cats for years and our family has continued to own a variety of other animals including dogs, a dove, a horse, parakeets, fish, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, a tortoise and even chickens. We don't even live on a farm!

In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychological Science from Central CT State University where I had the opportunity to study abroad in both Scotland and South Africa (that's really me petting a "tame" cheetah!). In between school and other jobs, I pet sat, dog walked and house sat for family and friends.

Whoo- that was long-winded! Finally, I am at a place in my life where I can take chances and truly pursue my passions. I am so excited to share Shire Pet Sitting and my incredible team with you all, and cannot wait to meet you and your pets!

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